linguistic + digital anthropologist




about me.

academic interests.
  • language ideology

  • semiotics

  • media and cultural production

  • techno-linguistic practices

  • "national identity" and nation branding

  • world Englishes

  • Sweden

  • Los Angeles

  • Singapore

  • linguistic practices in Swedish music export (currently)

  • Singlish in YouTube comedy sketches (2017-2018)


Ph.D. (Anthropology) Indiana University, expecting 2026

M.A. (Anthropology) Thammasat University, 2019

B.A. (Chinese) Thammasat University, 2013


at Indiana Univeristy

  • sustainability and society (TA), spring 2022

  • sex, drugs, and rock n' rolls (TA), fall 2021

  • intro to sociocultural anthropology (TA), spring 2021

  • food and evolution (TA), fall 2020

at Thammasat University

  • Chinese 1 and 3, fall 2018

  • sociology of youth (TA), fall 2017

  • identities in the contemporary world (TA), summer 2017

  • approaches to study of otherness (TA), spring 2017

  • man and society (TA), fall 2016


at Indiana University

  • AGSA Vice President, 2022-2023

  • GPSG Representative for Dept. of Anthropology, 2021-2022

  • council member, Healing Garden, 2021

at Thammasat University

  • Liberal Arts Student Committee, 2009-2012

  • Catholic Student Committee, 2009-2012

grants and awards.
  • David Bidney Graduate Paper Prize, IU Anthropology, 2022

  • AGSA Service Award, IU Anthropology, 2022

  • Asian Graduate Student Fellowship, ARI-NUS, 2018




Book Chapters

Laddapong, K., & Mukdawijitra, Y. (2019). Singlish in YouTube: Contesting Singaporean Identities in Digital Media. In C. Khadchumsaeng (Ed.), Society: Society of Sociology and Anthropology. Bangkok: Sirindhorn Anthropological Center Press.


Conference Papers

Laddapong, K., (2022). Soft Power Factory: Stockholm as Songwriting Hub and Sweden’s English Language Nationalism. Ann Arbor, MI: Paper presented in 23rd Annual Graduate  Student Conference in Linguistic Anthropology.

Laddapong, K., (2019). Singlish and Newness of YouTube. Bangkok: Paper presented in 13th Academic Conference on Anthropology, Sirindhorn Anthropological Center.

Laddapong, K., (2018). Singlish YouTube Sketches: Unveiling Cultural Intimacy in Singapore. Singapore: Paper presented in 13th Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian Studies.

Laddapong, K., (2018). Singlish in YouTube: Contesting Singaporean Identity in Digital Media. Khon Kaen: Paper presented in the 17th Conference of Thai Sociology and Anthropology Graduate Student Network.

Laddapong, K., (2017). Broadcast Singlish: Negotiating Singaporean Identity on YouTube Space. Bangkok: Paper presented in Thammasat University International ELT Conference 2017.


Laddapong, Kevin. 2018. "Broadcast Yourself Lah! Singlish Comedy Sketches in YouTube and Language Ideologies in Singapore’s Digital Age." MA, Anthropology, Thammasat University.

other publications can be found on


in the media.

Documentary "I am Sharol", dir. Wei-Ting Wang (2020), script supervisor

Podcast "Singlish: Politics of Language in Singapore" on We Talk A Lot Channel, (2020), guest speaker

Presentation "Singlish and Newness of YouTube" broadcast by SAC TV (2019), presenter


Interview "How to Throw a Eurovision Party in Thailand" news article by Khaosod English (2019), interviewee

Podcast "Let's Talk about Singlish" on English Outside The Box Channel (2019), guest speaker

Documentary "Singlish in YouTube" (2017), curator

Theatre play "Maison Cent Senses" (2015), director.


Student Building 130, 701 E. Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, IN

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